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Welcome to the berber sunny retreat!

     Brealing away from the grip of daily cares, you will find yourself in a harmonious and unhurried world: a world ideal for relaxation, where ancient and modern features blend together; a world of supreme craftsmanship and faithful reproduction of a complicated, incomprehensible, and captivating Oriental atmosphere.

The interior is based on ethnic Berber styles and colors. The intoxicating scents of spices, herbs, and flowers are enchanting, awakening senses and calling for calm and peace.

Everything here is natural and genuine: the ceramic tiles are made the same way they were first produced a thousand years ago, the original carved wooden furniture is made by hand, the lace of forged metal, the same as ages ago. The stainedglass windows with exquisite floral motifs transform the light passing through them, giving the place a mysterious look.

It is a world on the verge of fantasy and fairy-tale, wherein, one's dreams come true...

VIP sauna "Talisman-Spa" - about us

     The traditional motifs can be seen everywhere, from the elaborate patterns of the ceiling painting to the bright Berber rugs of fluffy camel hair on the walls The soft, comfbnable sofas with colorful satin cushions make for an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. When creating our spa retreat, we did not only think about your tired mind, but also about your tired body. You can rest here, dismissing your troubled thoughts, luxuriate on the warm marble in the hamam, relax in the Finnish sauna, or dip into a bath with rose petals.
     They say the hamam is paradise. Truly this is so. It is here you can enjoy yourself thoroughly, while getting warm and sweating out your toxins on die marble chebek. Your skin is rejuvenated, your breathing is calmed, your blood circulation is normalized — the body seems to remember itself, to absorb favorable cosmic energy. It is no accident that the cupola of our hamam resembles the velvety southern sky full of alluring stars.

    This is a good place to relax after a hard week's work or, maybe, to escape suddenly from the whirl of your business activity and disappear for a day from the usual surroundings. It is good to he here with friends, with those who understand you without words, who will make good company for you at the billiard table, and who will keep up a leisurely, hearty conversation at the fireplace.
     But maybe you need to win somebody's confidence?
     It is only here, under the sunny vault of our Oriental gem, that your heart can melt...

     The enchanting sounds of water and the masseur's gentle and skilful hands restore you to life with confident professionalism. We can select a special massage for you, including the honey massage that restores good looks and health, the ice massage that restores good spirits and activity or the traditional soap massage. Each massage has its purpose and can add a special, incomparable flavor to your enjoyment.